Our Mission: The purpose of this event is to build lasting relationships of love and understanding between fathers and their sons/daughters. This is a fathering event, each man must bring HIS son/daughter and each son/daughter must be with HIS/HER dad. Sorry no son/daughter can come with a friend’s dad, however, grandfathers, guardians, or uncles can substitute for an absent father.


Directions: From Fort Bragg go North on Shoreline Highway/PCH 1 for about 26 miles (45 mins) and the turn off will be on the left (right before a bridge over a creek) and there should be a sign saying Father Son/Daughter. If you pass the bridge to the immediate right there are some cottages down a street called Rockport St., at that point you passed the turnoff for rockport.

Here is the Link for Google Maps:   NOTE: On Google maps it shows the pin on the right, this is wrong becuse the turn off will be on the left.

This is a picture of the turn off (the gravel road on the left side of the highway):


What to Bring:

Tent/Trailer/Camper, sleeping bags, toiletries, towels, warm clothes, flashlights, Bible, baseball glove, beach gear, football, etc, (Optional: model rocketry equipment), and lots of energy!




For Questions or any other info please contact:

Grant Gunther: Email

Pete Reginelli: Cell 530-570-6152    Home 530-345-6977    Email

Jim Goddard: Cell 530-521-5115    Email